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Coosa County 2019 Farm-City Essay Contest Winners
Posted On:
Wednesday, February 05, 2020

The Coosa County Farmers Federation recently announced the Coosa County 2019 Farm-City Essay and Poster Contest Winners. These winners have each received by mail a cash award for their outstanding work exhibited through their participation of our annual event.  Winners of the essay contest are:


10th-12th Grade

1st Place Winner:  Tori Davis, 10th Grade

2nd Place Winner:  Jeiby Garcia Cruz, 10th Grade

3rd Place Winner: Brynli Mitchell, 10th Grade

7th-9th Grade

1st Place Winner:  Kieasia Tuck, 9th Grade

2nd Place Winner:  Mackenzie Cardwell, 9th Grade

3rd Place Winner: Cade Shurette, 9th Grade


Students were sponsored by Mrs. Jessica Kelley.  1st Place entries have been submitted for statewide competition.  

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